Barış Büyükokutan
SOS 265

Barış Büyükokutan

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi

Research Interests

Culture; sociology of intellectuals; sociology of art and literature; field theory; comparative and historical method; secularization, secularism, and secularity; power-states in the 21st century; Weber; Simmel; civic republicanism in sociology
I am a historical sociologist of culture and religion with a specific focus on intellectuals. My most recent work, on the forms of secularization in Turkish literary milieus, was published in New Perspectives on Turkey and the American Journal of Sociology. I am currently on leave as a Fulbright scholar at Harvard University to develop this project into a book. I am also writing a Turkish-language book on civic republicanism and developing journal articles on populism; reputational trajectories of dominated intellectuals; and the links among the freedom of expression, high-end technological development, and security. My past work, on politicization dynamics among U.S. poets, was published in Political Power and Social Theory and in the American Sociological Review.