Medical emergency number: In cases of medical emergency during class or at another time, call 1122 immediately. Please make sure to remember this phone number. On the phone, state your location and the circumstances of emergency. Make sure that you are the last one to shut the phone.

Class meeting times and locations: Class meeting times and places cannot be changed. If there are circumstances that necessitate such changes you should coordinate with the dean’s office and the registrar’s office. If at any time for a particular session you will meet with your class somewhere outside the class (e.g., site visit), you should inform the dean’s office about the meeting place of that particular session.

Final exams: All final exams must be conducted at the time designated in the academic calendar as the final exam dates and during the times determined by the Registrar’s Office. Early finals within the semester, whether they are conducted during class time or as take-home exams, are not acceptable.

Midterm exams: All midterm exams that you plan to give at any other time than regular class time (e.g., after 5 p.m or on a weekend) should be coordinated with the Registrar’s Office to minimize scheduling conflicts for students and the classrooms. If you are making the midterm exam outside the class hour, you can cancel a class.

Exam proctoring: All exams must be proctored by faculty members responsible from that class. In cases where there are several examination rooms, at least one faculty proctor should be in each room. For large groups additional proctors such as assistants are encouraged. It is part of the duties of the faculty to help in the proctoring of other faculty members’ exams. The faculty assistants (Merve Dalyaprak and Özge Köroğlu) keep a record of proctoring to assure a balanced share of this duty. Please ask Ms. Merve Dalyaprak or Ms. Özge Köroğlu to help you find proctors well in advance and in case you find your own proctors, please inform her so that she can keep a correct record. To recruit assistants to proctor please contact the administrative assistant to the Graduate School of Social Sciences (Ms. Gülçin Erdiş).

Returning tests and assignments to students: Students should receive feedback for their assignments, quizzes, or exams within ten days after the exam.

Missed classes: If you have to miss a class because of illness or conference travel please arrange for someone else to teach for you at that time or schedule a make-up class.

Freshmen records on the KUSIS: All freshmen and core classes need to keep their grade records on KUSIS up to date. The advisors make periodic checks to see the student progress and takes precautionary action for students who are below a threshold of performance. For that, the instructors teaching freshmen or core classes are expected to submit student performance indicators like quiz and midterm grades to KUSIS in a timely fashion. Please make sure that your records are at most 1week late.

Faculty absences: All faculty are expected to be on campus in coherence with their contracts, i.e., full-time or part-time. All faculty are expected to inform absences of a day or more to faculty secretary in writing, before the occurrence of the absence (excluding illnesses and emergency situations where the information can be submitted afterwards). This may be in the form of an e-mail or a filled-out absence form, whichever is more convenient. The information needed on the mail is the duration of the absence, the reason for the absence, and the phone numbers that would avail contact in case of urgent need. Absences that lead to missed classes must be either job-related or due to illness or an emergency. Please organize vacations to times when the classes or the final exams are not in session.

Faculty absences lead to more than equal share of administrative and student-related tasks for those who are present at school. We should all cooperate to share these tasks equally.

The annual leave period for faculty on 12-month contracts is one month a year. Summer leaves in addition to vacation time are possible if the leave is expected to enhance faculty career and can be taken in consultation with the dean.

Language of instruction: Language of instruction is English in all courses except Turkish. No part of the course (lab, discussion session, etc.) can be an exception. All faculty are expected to use English at all times when in class and they are responsible to assure that their assistants are also adhering to this rule.

Grade submission: All final grades must be submitted on KUSIS by the date indicated on the academic calendar. Faculty must make grading transparent by posting grades (on KUSIS or elsewhere that is accessible to students) and allowing students to see their exam or assignment papers. All grades must be returned to the students within ten days after the exam date or the due date of the assignments.

Plagiarism, collusion, or cheating: The exams and papers must be under close scrutiny to discourage any form of academic dishonesty. I also recommend that you ask students to sign a statement indicating that all the work they have submitted is original and was prepared by them.

Students caught should be reported to the dean’s office with copies of documentation and a brief note explaining the situation. The online plagiarism prevention system called turnitin has been very useful in discouraging students and you are expected to utilize it.

Syllabi: The following statements are taken from the faculty handbook:

” Each faculty member has the responsibility to give his/her students a detailed course syllabus in the first week of classes. The syllabus contains information on the course content, resources such as textbook and readers, evaluation of performance, make-up policy and academic integrity. ”

Submission of syllabi: Faculty are expected to submit an electronic copy of the syllabus to the dean’s office at the beginning of the semester as well. Please do this before the beginning of the second week of classes by sending your syllabi to Gizem Bekil by e-mail.

Office Hours: All faculty are expected to keep office hours. The duration of the office hours should be proportional to the number of students in classes. The students should have a chance to make appointments in case their schedule conflicts with office hours. These office hours should be reported to faculty secretaries Ms. Merve Dalyaprak or Ms. Özge Köroğlu at the beginning of the semester and the students should be informed of the office hours as well.

Advising: Academic Advising besides the new freshmen advising is an integral part of the teaching.

Faculty members are responsible for knowing academic rules and regulations and University and college requirements and procedures. Faculty members are expected to attempt meeting with their advisees at least once a semester.