Philosophical thinking is fostered by our natural curiosity and desire to know that make us question our assumptions and beliefs about truth and reality as well as right and wrong. The main objective of the philosophy department is to raise thinkers with superior critical abilities not only to grasp the fundamental philosophical questions and concerns but also to contribute to the field of philosophy.

The undergraduate program aims at providing a sound foundation by introducing students to the main subdisciplines within philosophy, including Ontology, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic, Aesthetics and History of Philosophy. One of our department’s main goals is to enhance the students’ abilities to think clearly, to reason logically and coherently, as well as to search for the sound principles of thought and action. To reach that goal, the students will be encouraged to develop their skills of systematic reading, writing and thinking. The department will offer area as well as elective courses in philosophy to enable the students to concentrate on issues in which they have special interest.

Department Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Zeynep Direk