Cognitive Science is the scientific study of the mind, and is an interdisciplinary field that draws from several academic disciplines, including Psychology, Computer Science, Philosophy, Linguistics and Neuroscience.

The Cognitive and Brain Sciences Program at Koç University is offered with joint contributions from the departments of Psychology, Philosophy, Computer Science, and the School of Medicine.


Students in good academic standing who are enrolled in any degree program at Koç University are eligible to apply for this program. To achieve the “Cognitive and Brain Sciences Program” Certificate, students need to complete the three required courses and three of the elective courses listed below.

The courses specified below may be substituted for other equivalent courses upon authorization by the Faculty Council of the department offering that course. In addition, the department offering each course will designate the necessary prerequisites. A student can fulfill one Elective course requirement by taking an “Independent Study” course on a relevant topic from one of the participating departments with the prior consent of the program coordinator and the instructor offering the independent study.

The average grade from the six courses must be at least 2.50. In order to receive the certificate, the students must fulfill all of the requirements specified in this document. The Cognitive Science Program Certificate will be presented to the student along with their Bachelor’s degree at the time of their graduation from Koç University.

Required Courses

PSYC 348        Introduction to Cognitive Science
PHIL 338          Philosophy of Mind
PSYC 205        Psychology of Learning and Cognition

Elective Courses (three of the following – at least one COMP XXX and at least one other elective)

COMP courses:

COMP 130*      Introduction to Programming

COMP 341       Artificial Intelligence
COMP 408       Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
COMP 442       Natural Language Processing
COMP 541       Machine Learning

Other electives:

PHIL 131          Logic
PHIL 215          Epistemology
PHIL 325          Problems in Phenomenology
PHIL 334          Philosophy of Science
PSYC 220        Brain and Behavior

PSYC 352        Language and Cognition
PSYC 415        Neural Bases of Memory
PSYC 427        Conditioning and Learning
PSYC 431        Human Memory
PSYC 433        Psychology of Language
PSYC 461        Physiological Psychology
NRVS 207        Neuroscience and Behavior
HSIC 502         Electromedical Instrumentation

HUMS 117       Rationality & Irrationality

PHIL 438          Philosophy of Action

*COMP 130 may be replaced with another relevant programming course with the consent of the program coordinator.

** Independent study courses can only be once approved by the advisor towards the completion of this program

Program Coordinator: Sami Gülgöz