KUASIA - (Center for Asian Studies at Koç University)

Director: Şebnem Köşer Akçapar
The mission of KUASIA is to produce and disseminate high-quality research on Asia through seminars, conferences and expert talks in order to increase awareness on the region, to promote informed analysis at national and international levels, and to train the next generation of academics, business people, and policy-makers.

KU-SPM - (Social Policy Center)

Director: Fatoş Gökşen
Koç University Social Policy Center (KÜ-SPM) focuses on collaborative social policy research and evidence-based social policy analysis. Among the research areas of KÜ-SPM are types of employment, livelihood strategies, citizenship capacities in terms of distribution of income and habits of tax-paying; Gender inequalities, women’s participation in employment and other spheres of life; Youth studies, transitions from education to labor market.

MiReKoc (Migration Research Center at Koç University)

Director: Ahmet İçduygu
Evolved from a grant-giving program into an established and reputable research center, Migration Research Center conducts and participates in a range of research projects in order to motivate national and international networks and to strengthen research capacity in the field of migration. MiReKoc also organizes international conferences, workshops and seminars to discuss various research agendas in the field of migration. With the objective of connecting the migration debate in Türkiye to the ongoing debates and research in different contexts and settings, MiReKoc endeavors to develop collaboration between migration scholars, civil society organizations and policy makers to stimulate dialogue on existing and new research. Since 2011, MiReKoc organizes the annual International Summer School, a flagship program bringing together migration experts from all over the world.
While MiReKoc’ research initially focused exclusively on the Turkish context, this scope has steadily widened to other countries and  regions over the years with a theoretical and empirical contribution to migration literature. The Center intends to advocate multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research on various aspects of migration.