Koç University, Media and Visual Arts Department, Film and Video Certificate (FVP) Program will provide students with an opportunity to gain experience in film and video production. Through a selection of courses, students will be able to develop a theoretical understanding of visual language and film art as well as acquiring applied skills related to film production, post-production, script writing and directing.

For further information about the Design Certificate Program , please contact

Certificate Coordinator Ela Başak Atakan eatakan@ku.edu.tr 


All undergraduate students with good academic standing are eligible to apply for admission to the certificate program. Students who complete  three  required courses and  two elective courses out of the fourteen courses listed below will be awarded the FVP certificate.

Any of the courses below may be substituted for other equivalent courses upon authorization by the Faculty Council of the department offering that course. Courses completed prior to the application to the certificate program will be counted towards the requirements, if they are among the specified courses. A student can fulfill part of the requirements of the FVP  by taking an “Independent Study” on a relevant topic from one of the participating departments in lieu of a required course with the prior consent of the FVP and the independent study instructor.

The average grade from the five courses must be at least 2.50. A student failing to meet this grade requirement is not qualified to receive the certificate. A certificate will be presented to the student completing the certification requirements along with the Bachelor of Arts degree at the time of graduation from the University.

Required Courses

MAVA 213 Film Analysis or MAVA 305 Film Theory

MAVA 208 Video Basics

MAVA 311 Film and Video Production

Elective Courses  (two of the following courses)

MAVA 210 Photography: Basic Techniques

MAVA 313 History of Photography

MAVA 321 2D Animation

MAVA 323 Creative Photography

MAVA 324 Cinematography and Editing                  

MAVA 326 Documentary and Non-Fiction

MAVA 330 American Cinema

MAVA 331 World Cinema

MAVA 332 Script Writing

MAVA 335 European Cinema

MAVA 414 Film Criticism

MAVA 423 3D Animation

MAVA 433 Directing