The Department of Archaeology and History of Art’s Archaeology Laboratory hosts the analysis of materials from the projects of Koç University faculty, including Barcın Höyük (Assoc. Prof. Rana Özbal), Kaymakçı (Professor Chris Roosevelt and Assoc. Prof. Christina Luke), Küçükyalı (Asst. Prof. Alessandra Ricci), and KEYAR (Asst. Prof. Çiğdem Maner). In addition to the traditional research techniques of macroscopic analysis, illustration, photography, and restoration, the technical equipment in the laboratory enables scholars to conduct further analyses on pottery, metal, glass, and sediment chemistry. Laboratory facilities include a polarizing-light microscope, a stereo zoom microscope, a laboratory oven, professional camera system, and necessary equipment for making ceramic and other thin sections. Workshops on archaeological illustration, photography, petrography, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and restoration aim to train students and provide opportunities for hands-on experience. With its technical equipment and reference collection composed of diverse archaeological materials, the Archaeology Laboratory is open to all scholars for collaborative research from universities within Turkey and abroad.