In Archeology Laboratory, the artifacts unearthed during Sagalassos (Inge Uytterhoeven), Kaymakçı (Chris Roosevelt and Christina Luke), Küçükyalı (Alessandra Ricci), Kayalıpınar-Samuha (Çiğdem Maner) and underwater excavations which are Alexander Yolu (Matthew B. Harpster) and Yenikapı Shipwrecks (Michael Rice Jones), which are Koç University projects and/or supported by, are analyzed using various scientific methods.

In addition to techniques such as evaluating, drawing, photographing, and restoring artifacts, the technical equipment in the laboratory allows for the analysis of ceramics, metal, glass, stone, animal, and human bones and sediments. Our laboratory offers new fields to students and researchers by using current methods in archeology such as petrography, sediment geochemistry, diet study in animals and humans with fixed isotope analysis, organic residue analysis from pottery, phytolith analysis. In addition to research; workshops, conferences, and speeches on archaeological drawing, photography, geographic information systems, restoration, and archaeometric methods are given to our students, and our students are provided with the opportunity to prepare a project and specialize in that subject by applying these methods within the scope of the “Archaeological Methodologies” course.