Two new projects funded by Tubitak go to

History faculty members (Yonca Köksal and Can Nacar) 

Psychology faculty members (Nazlı Baydar and Mehmet Eskin)

Below are titles and short descriptions of the two projects. Congratulations and best wishes for carrying out these projects!

Project Title: Animal Trade from Anatolia to Istanbul and Meat Provisioning (1783-1920)

Principal Investigator: Associate Prof. Yonca Köksal

Co-investigator: Dr. Can Nacar

This project will study animal trade from Anatolia to Istanbul and the meat provisioning of the imperial capital from 1783 to 1920. Unlike the earlier studies focusing on Istanbul, it will examine how different social actors involved in animal trade responded to changes in economic, administrative, political, and environmental conditions. In following this line of inquiry, the project will contribute to the economic, social, and environmental history of the Ottoman Empire. 

Project title:  Strengthening the Processes Leading to the Resolution of Marital Conflict 

Principal Investigator: Prof. Nazlı Baydar

Co-investigator: Prof. Mehmet Eskin

This project will study the development and resolution of common forms of marital conflict in a cultural context that places a high value on family unity and where patriarchal norms are dominant. A holistic approach will adopted, where individual, inter-spousal, family, and extended family processes will be simultaneously considered. The project will lead to the development and dissemination of a set of culturally appropriate intervention programs that will support the positive resolution of marital conflict.