Koç Üniversitesi College of Scoial Sciences and Humanities

Dean's Message

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities is one of the leading components of Koç University’s commitment to creativity and the advancement of knowledge through teaching, learning, research and staging activities. From Archaeology and History of Art to Comparative Literature, from History to Media and Visual Arts, from Philosophy to Psychology and Sociology, all of our programs aim to enable our students to think more critically and deeply than ever before about ideas, people, communities and societies in the past and present. Our most important goal is to prepare our students for a successful and exciting career by providing them with the intellectual and academic skills that will enable them to think freely, openly and in detail, to conduct research and to communicate.

Prof. Aylin Küntay


Koç Üniversitesi College of Scoial Sciences and Humanities​


Archaeology and History of Art
Prof. Dr. Lucienne Thys-Şenocak

Comparative Literature
Asst. Prof. Şima İmşir

Asst. Prof. Dahlia Gubara

Media and Visual Arts
Assoc. Prof. Ergin Bulut

Asst. Prof. Damien Storey

Assoc. Prof. Murat Ergin

Prof. Dr. Nazlı Baydar

Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Program Coordinator: Terry Eskenazi

Classical Studies
Program Coordinator: Inge Uytterhoeven & Haris Theodorelis-Rigas

Late Antique And Byzantine Studies
Program Coordinator: Inge Uytterhoeven & Alessandra Ricci

Migration Studies 
Program Coordinator: Fatoş Gökşen & Ayşen Üstübici

Gender Studies 
Program Coordinator: Aslı Mert

Mediterranean Studies 
Program Coordinator: Dilek Barlas

Philosophy, Politics and Economics 
Program Coordinator: Damien Storey & Umur Başdaş

Program Coordinator: Asım Evren Yantaç

Film and Video 
Program Coordinator: Ela Basak Atakan

Media and Management 
Program Coordinator: Lemi Baruh

User Experience (UX) 
Program Coordinator: Aykut Coşkun & Tilbe Göksun

Asian-Eurasian Studies 
Program Coordinator: Tarik Cyril Amar & Şener Aktürk