Dean’s Message

Welcome to the unique and distinctive environment of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities is a challenging and inspiring part of Koç University committed to the advancement of knowledge and creative activity through the pursuit of teaching, learning, researching and performing. From Archeology and History of Art to English Literature and Comparative Literature, from History to Media and Visual Arts, from Philosophy to Psychology and Sociology, our departments and programs interact with our students to think freely, critically and incisively about ideas, people, communities and societies in the past and present. Our primary aim is to help students think, research, and communicate more clearly and rigorously than they ever have before, providing them with the intellectual abilities and academic skills and to develop an exciting and rewarding career.

The College also offers a vibrant, multi-disciplinary research environment, at the center of which are several innovative, high-quality research groups. The faculty members are internationally recognized for their research and for making this relevant to the needs of our students and stakeholders so as to meet the challenges of the local and global environments. The College provides opportunities for students to study abroad, to learn foreign languages and to combine their academic studies with work experience through internships.

Within our teaching, learning, researching and performing activities, we stress that a foundation in social sciences and humanities is essential for all our university students. These activities prepare them not only for a variety of careers, but also for a lifetime of attentive and active citizenship in an increasingly complex world.