Koç University, Department of Philosophy, 2017-2018 Colloquia

November 7, 2017: Dr. Saniye Vatansever (Bilkent University), “Kant’s Response to Hume”

November 29, 2017: Dr. Baver Demircan (Üsküdar University), “Being and Thought in Hegel” (Cancelled)

February 9, 2018: Dr. Damien Storey (Trinity College, Dublin), “Eikasia, Perception, & Ethics”

February 12, 2018: Dr. Robert Howton (University of Pittsburgh), “Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Discrimative Mean”

February 16, 2018: Dr. Adam Murray (University of Toronto), “Chisholm’s Paradox in Perspective”

February 19, 2018: Dr. Ted Parent (Virginia Polytechnic Institute), “Qualia Theory, Dualism and General Ontology”

February 23, 2018: Peter Zuk (Rice University), “The Metaethics of Well-Being”

March 30, 2018: Dr. Özlem Yılmaz (Istanbul Technical University), “What is Phenome?”

April 24, 2018: Prof. Dr. Stelios Virvidakis (University of Athens), “On the relations between epistemic and moral virtues”

April 24, 2018: Kamuran Osmanoğlu (University of Kansas), “It Just Looks the Same: Differences in Racial Cognition among Infants and Older Humans”

May 11, 2018: Dr. Nazım Keven (Bilkent University), “Event, Narratives, and Memory”